[art] Lines and Colours: L’Art Deco

“The golden age of graphic design and illustrations”


That might as well be truth. Photography was not popular and accessible yet, printing was booming and the roaring twenties were providing money for everyone to be entertained (well that is not true). In a sense an explosions of the moral, parties and everything following World War I.

And in the running tracks of those ferocious golden horses was the Art Deco, following l’Art Nouveau.


Now this is a thing that I started to recently get into after my trip to New York and me reading the Great Gatsby. New York is the city per excellence to see it. I was surprised, after getting across what Art Deco was, to realise that the imagery I had since I’m young of that city is closely intertwined with it. It’s everywhere there over there, especially in the architecture. I will definitely go back!


I just love it, the style itself and the two dimensional perspective, sort of like a precursor “superflat” dimension, and the usage of colours. The fashion and the posters of this era really give the impression that the upper classes and the cities – Paris and New York – were taken in a never-ending party, everything spinning around and glittering until it collapsed within the Great Depression.

But enough blabbering on my part. In short, I like it, so here are a few pictures below.

* * * * *




Poem by W.H. Auden – Dance Till The Stars Come Down From The Rafters



Goldstream Art Deco 48x38 acrylic on canvas- Taralee Guild







This really gives an idea of how long some of the fashion mammoths have been around!


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