High On Ecstasy

This is the kind of song that makes you feel like you can break the world if you wanted to, looking at your feet it that slowly press it and make it sag. But no, no you wouldn’t go as far as making it a flat cake, because that song also make you freaking happy! Oh yes, time to dance, and not give a damn about that weird old man that just passed you and gave you leery side glances…

“Revival Pt. 1” by The Supertraxxe! Check them out, you can download this song for free on their soundcloud!

Their two members are surely good at making some sort of new computer music, and some of their other tracks on their soundcloud are really good, such as “Like It (original mix)”. Listen to it here.

Their sound reminds me a bit of SHE Music’s last album Electric Girl (listen to a preview here), except with manlier and groovy vocals, and slower but heavier drops. Legit. Now I’m not even sure if the comparison stands its ground.

Buuuut you know? It doesn’t really matter, except that if you like “Revival Pt. 1” check those artists’ songs, you might like it!

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