The National Documentary – Mistaken For Strangers

It happens to me every single time, I look up concert dates a few days late and find myself unable to go, either because the tickets are sold out, or because my money has been spent on other (vain) things, like Nutella for my breakfast.

Yes, I’am ashamed to have missed The National, Nine Inch Nails, Foals, Periphery, and so on. But The National’s Facebook page just revealed the imminent release of “Mistaken For Strangers,” a documentary about the group on tour. Now that is truly cheering me up!

You can watch the trailer below!

That is something I won’t miss for two reasons. First the trailer seems to let you grasp a bit of the intimacy and humour put by  Matt Berninger’s brother Tom. Crude and honest, I hope it will depart from the traditional genre that wants viewers to just remember how awesome and god-like everyone is this or that band.
Second of all, everyone is saying it will be different and awesome, so let’s put a bit of trust in the medias once more, and let’s not be deceived..?

It will be released the 28th of March, and is already in pre-order on iTunes.

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