[EP] Cashmere Cat – Wedding Bells

There are weeks, I feel like nothing I listen to is good. All that I liked, I got bored of. All that I listen to online, desperately looking for something new, sounds the same. Everyone knows those periods. And it only stops when you find the pearl among all the dirt.
That pearl is Cashmere Cat.

And now, let me take the plane to the exotic lands of the East.

Many of the people I follow on soundcloud were recommending this artist, whose name I had heard of. It was just pure bliss when I heard his music (it still is!).

Cashmere Cat is the stage name of Norwegian artist Magnus August Høiberg (the pronunciation eludes me, so I will stick to Cashmere Cat). It had uploaded a few tracks and remixes on Soundcloud, and recently released the EP Wedding Bells.

The music of Cashmere Cat surprises at first, but quickly teaches your ears to be fascinated. Now before I sound more tacky than I already am, let me explain a few things. I would define his music as a blend between heavy electronic sounds and more traditional instruments, that tend to be inspired from eastern music. A strange and fascinating mix, like that drink you might have tried once and who never left you since then.
And then there is the rhythmic. Cashmere Cat does not know what the snare is, and what it is used for. I’m being ironic, but don’t expect conventional rhythms and percussions in his tracks. This makes it strangely dynamic, with a dynamic seemingly broken but accurate.

But enough talking. The only way to experience it is to listen! Below is my favourite track from the EP and it is called “Rice Rain.” Enjoy and make sure to check him out on Soundcloud!

On an additional note, he is now touring the US and will leave early April for the UK then Germany to finally end with one date in Sweden. Make sure to check out the dates and venues here if interested!

Now that I saved your ears for a while, I’ll get back to my coffee.

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