[Music Video] All We Are – Utmost Good

Liverpool can definitively be proud of its vibrant music scene. Decades ago, and even today, it keeps on nurturing big and big to come bands from all genres.
Today, it is the indie/pop trio All We Are that sticks out with the song “Feel Safe” uploaded thirteen days ago on their Soundcloud. It’s great, that’s all, and listen to it right away.

But what I want to point at today is one of their previous song “Utmost Good” which has been up on Soundcloud for about ten months. The song gets right to the point from the first seconds, with its heavy bass acting as the backbone until the end. The felted vocals on top makes the song whole.

The fact that this band is still relatively minor surprises, but it is a question of time before they make their own place in their genre. This is not only proven by the small highlight of “Feel Safe,” but also by “Utmost Good,” which shows that this bands has solidity and won’t be a one-song-hit.

Listen below! And stay tuned for their future releases.



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