[song] The Grizzly Bear song you’d never have heard about

Based on the assumption that you don’t know what I am talking about, here what it is about: a B-side by Grizzly Bear entitled “Will Calls” that didn’t make it on their 2012 album Shields (which by the way is a masterpiece). The track has however been released on the extended version of the album out in November of the same year.

It is a slow ballad that at some points erects and explodes, like do some Grizzly Bear songs from time to time, only to come back to the emptiness and the silence (in the same style, see their song “Deep Sea Diver”). It’s frustrating, yet damn good. Frustrating because you ask yourself how those Brooklyn based geniuses can come up with such dissident ideas and still make you listen and hooked until the end, which is why it is damn good.

It’s a beautiful track seriously. Listen below!

The song was more well known under the remix by diplo (Soundcloud) who made it into a trap music track, catchy and more dynamic. It’s a good remix too, but I can’t do away with my long-lasting love for Grizzly Bear, which makes me turn in favour of the original.

Listen below!

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