[music video] Unclean music: the genius of Shinsei Kamattechan

Shinsei Kamattechan‘s sound is dirty. Excuse my first approach on the sound of this underground …alternative (?) band from Japan but that’s what I found to be the closest to it. However, it is insanely good. It seems all put together from various unpolished parts, but the result is just a sense of freedom that is addicting.

The most famous song and perhaps most iconic is “Rokkunroru ha nariyamani’,” which can roughly translate as “Rock’n’roll won’t stop ringing (in my ears),” and this is the song that you can listen to below.

Notice the video is made of many different footages from various rock bands. The quality itself of the images is not good, and to me that’s the best it could have gotten, matching the music in a grand way!

If you are foolish enough and feel like seeing more of it, here is a youtube playlist about the band where you can listen and see more of it.

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