Florian Paetzold: Rise and Shine

Nice find by The Aural Fix, this blog shares good stuff, make sure to check it out!

The Aural Fix

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted as April’s been pure insanity, but I had to share these two gorgeous songs from German producer Florian Paetzold. Paetzold first grabbed my attention with his remix of Daniel Wilson’s “Will You,” back in February. Although the acoustic original is pretty great in itself, Paetzold extends the track by 4 minutes, repeating the chorus and speeding up the bassline. Simple lyrics with a nice message, as well:

Next up, I recently found this remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” We can almost always expect a catchy beat and a hook with Sam Smith’s music, but Paetzold slows it down a bit and transforms it into a dreamier, dancier tune:

Both songs have been on repeat for me at various times during the last couple of months. These tracks are just two reasons to love this producer–for the full list, go check out his Soundcloud page

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