[short film] Robert Francis Muller – 2:17AM

Robert Francis Muller is an uprising movie director whose latest works include the music video for Years & Years single “Real that was brilliant (in addition to the already awesome music).

He also regularly uploads his videos on his website. He has an interesting style that is easily enjoyable with his short movies and music videos. The way he plays with vivid colours also makes it a great watch for me!

The latest one entitled “2:17AM” was a project in which he had only 48 hours to come up with a video that incorporated the three following elements, randomly automated:

Title: 2:17AM
Line: It doesn’t have any power. Is it plugged in?
Prop: We see a character shake a stone from their boot.

See the interesting result for yourself!

How about you? What story line would you have come up with such elements?


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