[music video] Disclosure – “You & Me” (Flume Remix)

It was at a concert of Madeon, jumping rabidly and taking a shower of sweat until I was drenched as if I had just took a nice swim in the pool, that my sister asked me, or rather howled in my face “Do you know Flume?” I shook my head, I did not. “He is the Australian Madeon!”
I take a deep bow of apologies to all of you proud Aussies, but the point she wanted to make was that artist Flume originally from Sydney was incredibly young (older than me though), AND incredibly awesome!
She was right, a few months later on, I had listened to a great lot of his tracks some of which have found themselves a cosy place in my favourite-tracks-of-all-time list.

And he redoes it again with the remix of “You & Me” of the electronic music duo Disclosure. The song is almost one year old, but that doesn’t prevent it from having its place here on SweatID. The video that was made for it, directed by Toby and Pete (official website) is also explosive. Explosions of love, music, lips and sensuality. The sort of powerful track and images that punch you into fantasies right at the moment the beat drops in.

It’s extremely good, so watch and re-watch it below!

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Too bad I was still a rebelling brat when I was studying abroad in Australia a few years ago… I could have used some good taste.


What do you guys think about the Madeon/Flume comparison though, do you think they both will be major names in the coming years (more than they already are)? (Not talking about their sound, which is radically different)

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[song] Flume – Sleepless (The Ninetys Remix) (listen here)

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