[song] Chrome Sparks – “The Meaning Of Love”

Future Classic, the record label backing up artists such as Flume, just supported the release of Goddess, a six-tracks EP from the promising act Chrome Sparks.


The first track entitled “The Meaning Of Love” is pure bliss, and a delicate arrangement of sounds and emotions when it comes to this genre of music. “The Meaning Of Love” is one beat ahead of the rest.

Listen below!

If you liked this, and want some more, well maybe today is your birthday because the whole EP is available on Soundcloud. Have a listen for yourself!

I am really at a lost to designate to what kind of genre this sound belongs. Dreampop? What would you all say?

You can follow Chrome Sparks at the following links:


You can follow SweatID as well!



[song] Taquwami – “Kamakura” (listen here)
It think both artists produced their respective song in a similar way, create a track that captures a feeling, rather than telling a story or anything else.

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