[song] RY X – “Shortline”

From Australia, now based in Los Angeles, U.S, RY X is certainly one of those genius with beard that should be watched in the coming years. Now playing solo as well as with the band called The Acid, the artist’s still is one of streamlined melodies supported by his round voice that echoes those of Bon Iver and of Jón Þór Birgisson, though with an addition of testosterone concerning this last one.

No matter how shaky those comparisons may be, the fact is that RY X‘s work is of a sleepy but deeply emotional feeling, that is clearly found in tracks such as “Berlin” and “Shortline,” which is the one I want to share with you today.

Watch below!

The artist will be touring the US during summer and with a few dates in Europe as well, check out their dates on The Acid’s Facebook page (links are below!).

You can follow RX Y at the following links:


You can follow The Acid at the following links:


 You can follow SweatID as well!



 [live] The Acid live (watch here)

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