[EP] Baths – Ocean Death, ep

Baths - ocean DEath

Baths had already gratified us with the opening hypnotic track “Ocean Deathavailable for listen last month. Now that the whole EP of the same name is out on Anticon Records, let’s take a closer look.

Ocean Death clearly relates to the album Obsidian (2013) in tone and ambiance.
Baths seems to have put forward on that EP an eerie soundscape, notably by using atmospheric ambient vocals, especially on tracks such as “Orator” and “Yawn“, the two concluding tracks of the EP. Backing up the lyrics or the melody, they might well be the representative element of the EP itself, giving it its essence and making it a niche where you can comfort yourself in loneliness, which is a departure from the frantic joy of Cerulean (2010) and titles like “Cerulean” and “Animals.”

Ocean Death is therefore a delightful piece for fans of Baths, with “Ocean Death“,  “Voyeur” and “Yawn” climbing up to my top 10 favourite of this artists’ songs.
However, don’t mistake Bath for being an artist producing “social music” that you would put on with your friends to create a good mood. This is an EP to enjoy alone, a thing that my favourite cafe might not have understood.

Baths 1

Listen to the best tracks from Ocean Death by Baths below!

Track list:
1 – “Ocean Death” (listen here)
2 – “Fade White”
3 – “Voyeur” (listen here)
4 – “Orator”
5 – “Yawn” (listen here)

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