[art] e-Boy : Who would have guessed that Habbo could be art?

e-Boy (“Godfathers of Pixels”) is an art group that exists since 1997. And no, what they make as art works are not game landscapes but images made out of pixels (like any images on your computer) in the visual style of what would be computer painting before HD existed. Cool before it was cool.

What really impresses with this is the number of details you can find in their works. Actually, most of them are huge-scale boards, and finding interesting scenes is really part of the fun when looking at them.
This is the irony of e-boy’s artworks. While using a style in itself simplistic, it compensate for the abstract imagery by the immensity of scale and the numerous scenes depicted with a touch of humour.

e-Boy has thus been quite prolific and has accumulated critics acclaim as well as big brands’ attention.

See for yourself some of e-Boys‘ pieces below!

















Big up for Kings of Summer!

If you liked what you saw, make sure to check e-boy’s official website!

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