[ep] Yujen – No Aware


A band picture to the image of their music!

Yujen, an Australian trio released the ep No Aware only a few hours ago via Soundcloud. It seems that this ep also marks their arrival on Facebook so make sure to like their page if you like them. But wait… why should we care about all of this?

Yujen 1
Yujen had had a song up on Soundcloud for six months called “Try It Over,” who reached the 200k views. The reason behind it? It’s an amazing song with an atmospheric soundscape that makes it even chiller than Chet Faker who lent his voice to the track. The Australian singer, a big name, is thus to account for the attention that “Try It Over” got.
It was a great marketing move, deliberated or not, and its presence on No Aware as the second track of the ep is a smart choice.

Chet Faker - Promotional picture for "Try It Over"

Chet Faker – Promotional picture for “Try It Over”

But the ep No Aware goes beyond that relative success by bringing other beautiful tracks that you might not have expected from the band after hearing their collab’ with Chet Faker.

The other tracks of No Aware are not sung and are instrumental pieces creating a very ambient and planning sound that can inscribes itself in a soft Chillwave (or what I define as Chillwave, but that will be discussed later in a different post).

Out of the lot, I recommend the brilliant fifth track “Minor Observations” who include some ambient vocals, or let’s say ‘murmurs’. Do yourself a favour and listen to it before sleeping, or you might not perceive the vespertine beauty of such a track.

Listen to No Aware by Yujen below!

What do you guys think? Are they artists to keep an eye on?

You can follow Yujen at the following links:


 You can follow SweatID as well!



  [music video] The Acid – Fame (watch here)

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