[song] Grant Bowtie – “Reach”

A while ago, Asutralian producer Wave Racer was granting us the fabulous track “Streamers,” to which you could imagine yourself with your friends racing in jet-skis carried forward by the waves, sun high up the horizon. And afterwards, go back to the shore and enjoy a cup of good coffee. Or is it just me?

Monstercat 1

Another track with the same tropical power is highschooler Grant Bowtie‘s magistral “Reach,” a track whose atmosphere is coined right in the name. It is part of the album (or compilation?) Monstercat 017 – Ascension from highly recommended Monstercat.

Grant Bowtie 1

But back to Grant Bowtie and “Reach” itself!

It starts, it grows, it explodes and brings you to another sky where you feel not so far away from bliss. The heavy synth leads in this track really bring the power of the sound forward, and the hatched beat just makes “Reach” a good ‘electro head-banger,’ a term not yet in the English dictionary. Notice also the solo lead in the second half reminiscent of some “quite” famous electronic French duo.

Listen to Grant Bowtie‘s fabulous “Reach” below!

Happy mood is on the go!

You can follow Grant Bowtie at the following links:


You can follow SweatID as well!




[song] Ryan Hemsworth – “Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer remix)” (listen here)

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