[video] Banks – “Drowning”

The R’n’B goddess Banks is back with a new video for her song “Drowning.” Let’s be honest, it’s beautiful and probably because she is beautiful.

The song “Drowning” takes on themes that are central to Banks‘ lyrics: love, attraction and how feelings can pretty much f*ck you up. The slight touch of anger that can be perceived in her voice is however what really gives her songs its peculiar intimate ambiance. It pulls you in and “Drowning” and its video is no exception.

Watch below by clicking on the image! (I couldn’t embed this video so a link will do it for the moment)

Banks 2

For the pleasure of the eyes

Her first album entitled Goddess, coming after two Eps released in 2013, will be out September 5, so make sure to check it out once released!

She will be touring a bit around Europe during June and Jully. You can see all of her dates here.

For those in Japan who will be there this summer, Banks will also be playing live at Summer Sonic on August 16 in Osaka and August 17 in Tokyo. There is a huge line-up, so it would be really a waste not to go to this event, which I would argue this year is more interesting than Fuji Rock. I envy you all.

I will not be able to go so I will just comfort myself with her latest music video.

You can follow Banks at the following links:

fb soundcloud

You can follow SweatID as well!




[song] Banks – “Brain (prod. by Shlohmo” (listen here)
Shlohmo is really one of those producer who set himself apart from the rest. Check his soundcloud for more!

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