[album] Washed Out – Mister Mellow

It feels a bit special to do the first album review on Washed Out since the blog got a lifting and became Mimitome. Washed Out was the artist that probably motivated me to start writing here in the first place.

The Chillwave movement was bustling, or at least it did in my social surrondings. It was the soundtrack to my start as a university student, while now I am now on the verge of graduating.

Time sure does flies. It has been nearly four years since Ernest Green a.k.a Washed Out released Paracosm, probably one of my favourite albums of 2013. When I saw that Washed Out had just released on the 30th of June Mister Mellow, a brand new album  under Stones Throw Records, I knew I was in for a review.

Here are the track-list with my personal favourites in bold.


01. Title Card (00:00)
02. Burn Out Blues (00:30) – atmospheric ambiance, this track is the first stone of the album that piles up on what Washed Out’s sound has been all about.
03. Time Off (04:13)
04. Floating By (05:14) – low beat, dreamy vocals, five minutes of bliss.
05. I’ve Been Daydreaming My Entire Life (08:55) – short, terrific. I am not sure whether it is the title or the song that is pursuing the other.
06. Hard to Say Goodbye (11:04)
07. Down and Out (15:16)
08. Instant Calm (16:23)
09. Zonked (18:32)
10. Get Lost (19:42)
11. Easy Does It (23:46)
12. Million Miles Away (24:38) – This song closes the album on a majestic note. Rather than an end it is an opening, an invitation to travel, with the nostalgic tone peculiar to any departure. The song’s dreamy soundscape invites the listener’s imagination to wander.

…Need to find a better place to stay.

Definitively my favourite track on this album.

Overall Washed Out is back with a very good album. Longtime fans will definitely love Mister Mellow for being just one additional to Green’s musical landscape that he has elaborated over the years with his successive EPs and albums. While it does not amount in my honest opinion to the legend of Within and Without, Mister Mellow does land a few nice blows like “Million Miles Away”.

Listen to the full album on Youtube below :

How about you ? What’s your favourite tracks of the album ?

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