[music video] Andy Stott – “Faith in Strangers”

Actually, I was not sure if this should be put in the “music video” section, or the “art” section. In fact, there was never a music video for Andy Stott master piece “Faith in Strangers“, the eponymous song of the album by Manchester based music producer Andy Stott.

This video was my second exposure to Andy Stott’s work. The first track I heard from him was “Violence”, a brutal, dark and mesmerising title on the same album that I had stumbled upon while exploring an abyssal trench of the Youtube Ocean.

The second time was “Faith in Strangers”, a few month laters. Everything blew up my mind with this video. I knew David Dean Burkhart for his amazing features on his Youtube channel. The first time I saw “Faith in Strangers” on his channel, I thought it actually was the track’s official MV.

The visual and the music seem both to have been made for each other. I am not sure which one is chasing the other, but the whole of it intertwines in such a natural way that this is a rare case of artistic perfection. At least in my modest opinion.

The visuals are taken from three short art movies – actually, successions of very long exposure shots – from the artist Takashi Ito. The result, with Andy Stott dark, personal but also eerie music, is the impression that you are looking straight at your own madness.

Personally, this video and the music rather than being “creepy” or “scary” has always mesmerised me and gave a strange feeling of peace. The title of the song itself, “Faith in Strangers”, can be both frightening or smoothing. In any case Andy Stott with this song leaves nobody unmoved.


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