[music video] Mount Kimbie – “Blue Train Lines” ft. King Krule

One thing I learn and now hold for sure as a music consumer is that musical discoveries never run out. That is perhaps with this thought in mind that I decided to start this blog. Whenever I start feeling bored of listening to the same songs over and over again, and try forcefully to look online for recommendations, I usually end up disappointed. Then there are the moments when at the turn of just one unintended click or playlist, you dig a whole gold vein. It happens overtime, at random moments. It happens nevertheless.

And it happened today with the British electronic duo Mount Kimbie, whose upcoming album Love What Survives will be released on the 8th of September 2017. But what caught my attention where the songs – and videos – already available as an appetiser of the musical feast which is about to happen.

The one song I decided to introduce tonight is “Blue Train Linesft. King Krule. The song itself seems to be constantly looking to escape, reinforced by the vocals of King Krule, vomiting out his lyrics in a fashion that only makes the strength of his voice even more grasping and honest. Pure gold.

The visuals are not left apart. Sequences of sporadic videos and pictures representing divers object all around the theme seemingly of Native Americans, and an eerie take on extinction as far as I am concerned, but it could be anything else.

Listen to Mount Kimbie – “Blue Train Lines” below !


Follow Mount Kimbie on Youtube, Facebook.

Follow King Krule on Facebook.


  • I completely agree about striking that vein of gold when it comes to discovering new and interesting artists. I love that feeling!

    Also, I’ve never heard of Mount Kimbie. That video you posted has been blocked, but I’ll still check out their other songs. Thanks for the tip!

    • Yeah I think every once in a while every music amateur ends up on one of those night where you can’t help but digging for more and more.

      It’s weird that the video has been blocked. It seems to be working fine with me…?

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