[song] “Systole” – Grizzly Bear

So Grizzly Bear just released its latest album, Painted Ruins, 5 years after Shields which was perhaps the album I took the longest time to appreciate. But the time I took to come to adapt to Shields was not wasted. While truly a masterpiece, it was for me the preparation for what was to come. The band had published a few songs from Painted Ruins before the full release yesterday. It took me a few listens only to fall in love with “Mourning Sound”, the single that had been available a few months ago. Yet it was the introduction to the rest of the album.

Painted Ruins is already one of my favourite album by Grizzly Bear. What they did there was blend in what they do the best : experimenting new while keeping true to their sound and vision.

In the whole majestic soundscape of the new album, “Systole” which is the prelude to the end of the whole record particularly stroke me. The song seems to be fleeing forward, taking the listener by the end into magical reveries, like blood slowly pumping in through the landscape.

“You can take one look at the things that we started
But you know that I lost that key that promised home”

Have a listen to “Systole” by Grizzly Bear below !

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