[music video] Sapphire Slows – “The Edge of My Land”

Sapphire Slows‘s latest music video for “The Edge of My Land” was described by The Fader as “body medicine“. I was then in for a listen at this track which ended up being just what I hopped it was : a masterpiece.

But what really heightens the hype is the music video. It really grasps the analog feel of Sapphire Slows’ casio techno-ish sound (which by the way is apparently a music style…). Images pixillated at wish, for a squandered video falling on each pitch of the track. The semi-faded voice, blending and holding the whole together, makes the whole thing faithful to Sapphire Slow’s style.

Kinuko Hiramatsu started her solo project in 2011, and despite being based in Tokyo, seems to have had better recognition abroad, making her a refreshing presence within the Japanese music scene.

One advice, give this track several chances. The more you listen to it, the more it gets into your head.

Listen to “The Edge of My Land” by Sapphire Slows below :

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